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Bey Blade Burst

Hello everyone. Today I am not blogging about shame or body image, but it does have to do with parenting so I am counting it. My kids are OBSESSED with Bey Blades. They love the show, which is odd but overall has very good sportsmanship themes so I let it go. What they REALLY love though, is to Bey Blade. They love to Bey Blade so much that my oldest now wants to meet with the President because he wants to make Bey Blading a national sport.

If the Beys acted like they did in the show I could see that happening, but in reality a Bey is simply a metal top made of three pieces. You launch them and they "attack", "defend" or "endure". You win if your Bey is the last one standing, or spinning as is the case usually. All great, except that Beys are actually pretty expensive and currently kind of hard to find. Even worse is if you are in the Target aisle frantically looking up who owns Doom Scizor on your phone because you want to make sure that your kid actually will want to play with the very expensive metal top you are about to buy them you will find no easy answer. You will land on the Bey Blade Wiki page that will give you a small dissertation on all Doom Scizor abilities and what the different design elements mean, but no description of WHO uses Doom Scizor on Bey Blade Burst. 

WELL NO MORE! I sat my son down and made him list all the major Bey Blade Characters and their Beys and here they are (with pictures). My suffering must end, and I can't believe I am the only parent who is suffering this fate. This is just a partial list as I know we have some not mentioned here, but we are also on Season 2 so look for an update once my kids get to Season 3. But, back to the purpose of this post- Ladies and Gentlemen without further ado, your Bey Blade Burst and Bey Blade Burst Evolution Owners and Beys!

Valt Aoi - Valtryek

Shu Kurenai (Red Eye) - Spryzan

Rantaro Kiyama - Roktauor

Ken Midori - Kaiser Kerbeus

Daigo Kurogami - Doom Scizor

Wakiya Komurasaki - Wild Wyvron

Hoji Konda - Horusood

Xander Shakedera - Xcalius

Ginba Orochi - Obelisk Odin

Zac - Zillion Zeutron

Lui Shirosagi - Lost Luinor

Nansui Yugo - Yaeger Yggdrasil

Silas Karlisle - Kinetic Satomb

Free De La Hoya - Fafnir

Joshua Burns - Jinnius

Cuza Ackerman - Alter Cognite

Shasa Guten - Galanon G2

Ren Wu Sun - Shelter Regulus

Boa Alcazaba - Balkesh

Aiger Akabane - Z Achilles

Kurt Baratier - Khalzar

Ibuki Ukyo - Unlock Unicorn

So, that is what I know. Keep in mind there are several variations of each Bey, but there are lots of lists of those. This is just your basic list of characters and the main name of their Bey.

I know that this will not be useful for many of you, but to the few that it is useful for it is WORTH IT. You are welcome. 

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